Spirit of Gobboween Community Event

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Gobboween is upon us, and the mystical forces of Gaia are here to explore for veteran and budding Adventurers alike. These changes can be seen all around Archos, and we feel there’s no better time than now for our next community event!
Submission Guidelines
For this event, we’d like Adventurers to submit to us a screenshot that best captures the spirit of Gobboween. Does a haunted castle upon the hills of Archos best depict Gobboween? Maybe a goblin with a jack-o-lantern upon their head, or a giant pumpkin patch? Get in the spirit of Gobboween and show us what you’ve got!
Any interested adventurer can submit their display of Gobboween to DnLEvents@SnailGamesUSA.com
Please include your *full* server name, the region and the number if you’re on an official server, as well as a link to your Steam profile along with your submission.
Rules, Judging, Prizes, and Community Voting
Four (4) winners will be recognized in this event:
Three (3) winners, will be selected by our community team for their display of the spirit of Gobboween.
One (1) “Community Vote Winner” will be selected from a vote on runner-up entries that we’ll be featuring on our Facebook Page
All winners will receive a Legendary Pumpkin Helm schema, ten Werewolf Transformation Runes (official servers only), and be featured in The Archos Herald on 10/27!
We’ll be accepting entries from today, Wednesday, 10/11 until Monday, 10/23 at 11:59PM PST. The community vote will be held on Tuesday and the winners will be announced on Wednesday, 10/25!
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