Patch Preview – New Castle Props, New Reagents & Pacify Changes

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Hello all! Tomorrow we'll be satisfying another community request by adding another set of castle props for players to fill their amazing dwellings with! Before this update, many players gave the feedback that their homes felt a little empty. We're adding a selection of basic furniture props to the game to finally breath some life into your empty dining halls and cavernous lounges!
New Building Props

A table is much more than a flat, elevated surface supported by four legs! Tables are a social hub! They are where people come together, where ideas are shared, and where allies are made. Grab a potion, gather ‘round your housemates, and raise your flask to friends old and new!
Or you know, maybe they are just flat, elevated surfaces supported by four legs. Either way, we have them now, and they’ll look fantastic in your castles!

You can’t have tables without chairs, which is why we’ve prepare two lovely seating options for your wizardly posterior! Kick up the ol’ dogs on one of two fantastic choices: On the left we have a simple wooden dining chair, and on the right we have a lovely leather padded lounger.

Slaying the undead and taming massive dragons can be exhausting; why not build yourself a cozy, quiet space to kick back and unwind? With the upcoming addition of beds, you can finally turn your hovel into a home!

We’ve also thrown in a couple barrels as additional options to give your space a little more flavor. Expect more simple props in the future to improve the aesthetic of your space!
Taming Re-balance

We'll also be applying a re-balance to taming in this upcoming patch. Historically, Pacify times were calculated in a linear fashion: The higher the creature’s level, the longer it would take to Pacify them. With our next update we’ll be adding a little more variability to the experience.
Tame times will be calculated based on a number of factors including the level of the player’s weapon, the level of the creature, debuffs that may be applied to the creature, and the creature’s current HP. That Infernal Dragon taking too long to tame? Bring down its health, stun it with Gaslight, and pull out your strongest weapon! We hope that these new variables will make the taming of creatures a much less tedious and much more engaging experience.
New Reagents
We'll also be adding a few new reagents to the game:
Blue Gold Ingot: 2 Gold Ore + 2 Iron Ore
Ornate Marble Slab: 2 Stone + 1 Precious Stone
White Marble Slab: 2 Stone + 1 Precious Stone
Flawless Rune Gem: 3 Rune Cystal
Enchanted Stone: 5 Stone + 5 Rune Crystal + 1 Precious Stone
These reagents will be added to the recipes for a number of building items, including magic structures, marble structural pieces and ornate structural pieces. As you can see, Precious Stone is about to get a lot more valuable, so the time to start stocking up is now!
Much More!
We'll have more info to share with you all tomorrow, including bug fixes and gameplay tweaks.Stay tuned for the full patch notes, and we'll see you in Ignus with some brand new content soon!Original Article

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