Patch Preview – Abomination & Blade of Simeon’s Soul

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Brace yourselves, denizens of Ignus! We’re getting to ready another content drop tomorrow, including a powerful new addition to the melee weapon tree and a horrific new nightmare beast, The Abomination. Take a look below for a little more info!
New Weapon: Blade of Simeon's Soul
An elegant longsword that has been enchanted with a piece of the legendary sorcerer Simeon's soul. In the right hands, the Blade of Simeon's Soul can be used to efficiently eviscerate Ignus' most intimidating adversaries.
The crafting of this powerful war blade requires a number of precious resources, including Iron and Gold Ingots, Irisite, and Dragon Stone. To unlock this legendary sword, players must reach level 50.
New Creature: Abomination
The wretched Abomination is the result of extensive dark magic experimentation conducted by the fanatical cultists of Ignus’ past. Centuries ago, these monstrosities roamed the plains and tundra freely during the peak of Ingus' dark era, but were eventually driven back and contained by the Priests of Neshan during their crusade against the dark arts.
The reemergence of these towering behemoths is quite ominous, and may signal the return of some ancient evil force. Could dark magic in Ignus be on the brink of resurgence?
Developer Livestream
We’ll be going live tomorrow, September 13th at 4PM Eastern Time to answer some questions and show off the new content in this week’s patch! Come hang out and join the fun at
Server MaintenanceNotice: We'll be performing scheduled maintenance on our USEast servers and European servers on September 13th between 4am and 9am EST.Original Article

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