Patch Notes – 10/18/2017 – Halloween Begins!

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Spooky Afternoon, Spooksters of Ignus! We’re finally ready to unleash the horrors of Halloween into the world with our very special Halloween Event! Starting right now and ending November 1st, you can enjoy the joy of trick-or-treating here in Citadel!
How To Trick-or-TreatStep One: Find a World Chest
Every good trick-or-treater has a plan of attack! Know your destinations; Halloween treats can be found in any of the treasure chests that populate the enemy camps, caves and other various noteworthy locales in Ignus.
Step Two: Clear The Enemies
Show the chest’s guardians the true meaning of Halloween fear! Clear out the camp or cave and the treasure will be yours to plunder. Be sure to come prepared for a fight. The higher tier the chest, the stronger the enemies that surround it will be.
Step Three: Loot Your Treats!
It’s treat time! Cross your fingers and crack open the chest! Each type of reward comes in multiple varieties with differing drop rates. Keep trick or treating to collect them all before the event ends!

If you’d like to learn more about the types of new content you can get through Trick or Treating, check out our preview post from earlier!
Crafting Persists on Server RestartYour prayers have been answered! Now you can safely load up your various crafting structures with resources and not have to worry about losing your resources if the server happens to go down when you are away. Want to build an enormous Marble structure? Load your Forges up with Stone, go to sleep, and safely return the next day to a beautiful stack of Slabs, ready for you to start creating your masterpiece!
Third Person ImprovementsWe’ve made major improvements to the experience of playing the game in third person! We’ve added a slew of new, much more natural animations to make your character look less awkward. Gone are the days of stiff running!

Additionally, the camera has been greatly improved in third person. Your character will now face toward the reticule, opting to strafe or back pedal rather than always running in the direction you push. Even better, when your character is standing still, you are now able to freely rotate the camera! This will make taking glamour shots of your mage so much easier!
Much More!Check out the patch notes below for the full details of what’s new with today’s update! We’re delighted to share the new update with you, and can’t wait to hear how you’re enjoying the new content. As always, we’ll be listening for your feedback, so please feel free to share on the forums. Make sure you give the servers a moment to come back up with the newest version of the game, and we hope to see you in the new SPOOOOOOKY Ignus!
Time-Limited Content

  • New Content: Three Spooky Ghost costume variants available in chests
  • New Content: Two spooky Pumpkin head costume variants available in chests
  • New Content: Two Monster Mask costume variants available in chests
  • New Content: Four Halloween candies and chocolates available in chests
  • Ignus has been made spOoOoOkier (red moon, spooky props, scary town names)


  • New Content: Trapdoor structure piece
  • New Content: Two types of Spike Traps structure pieces
  • New Content: Acid Pool structure piece
  • New Content: Three Tombstone building props
  • Crafting benches now properly save materials and continue working after server restarts
  • Graphical improvements to structure piece preview


  • Significant improvements to third person animation and camera behaviour
  • New tutorial stone UI pop ups
  • Fixed map screen related crashes
  • Respawn button now available in pause menu

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