Patch Notes -10/11/2017 – Reduced Marble/Ornate Costs, Various Fixes

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Good afternoon, Wizards! Another Wednesday has arrived, which means it’s once again time for us to patch Citadel with some wonderful new fixes and balance changes.
As you may remember from last week’s patch notes, we will be settling into a new patch cycle. Patches will still be released every Wednesday, but each week will alternate between minor patches and major patches. By making this change we will have more time to prepare and test new content, while at the same time having consistent stretches of time where we can evaluate and fix bugs within existing content. Today is our first minor patch, which means we are focused on evaluating changes made from last patch and applying some stability fixes.
Reduced Marble/Ornate CostsWe heard your feedback from last week’s patch loud and clear. While our goal with raising the building cost of Marble and Ornate was to increase the perceived value of the high-tier structures and slow the appearance of massive, server straining mega-structures, we realize now that we may have gone a bit overboard in our approach.
To improve this balance change, we’re making a few significant concessions. Firstly, Precious Stone has been completely removed from the recipes for Marble and Ornate Slabs. These resources were distributed quite sparingly into Ignus to give them a certain rarity, and to have them be a major component of building created for an unnecessarily tedious situation. Our second concession is to reduce the amount of slabs needed overall. Slab costs for walls and floors have been reduced an additional 15-20%.
More Fixes/TweaksAdditionally, we’ve also fixed some nasty bugs to better improve the general gameplay experience. Structures have been optimized to cause less strain on both the client and server, crashes have been fixed for some players on server joins and when opening the tame menu, and we’ve fixed up a visual glitch with the top of some Marble walls clipping through floors above them. Take a look here for the complete notes:

  • Curved Marble walls now properly do not clip through floors above them
  • Optimized structure code to reduce server and client stress
  • Reduced Slab costs for Marble and Ornate structures by 15-20% per piece
  • Removed Precious Stone from Marble and Ornate Slab recipes
  • Crashes fixed on joining server
  • Crashes fixed on opening the tamed creature menu

Coming SoonAs discussed above, next week’s patch will be a major patch. We’re preparing some fun goodies to introduce our first time-limited in-game event in celebration the Halloween season, so stay tuned for some exciting details later this week! Thanks again for your support and feedback as we continue to work through Early Access, and we hope to see you in Ignus soon!Original Article

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