Early review: Citadel Forged with Fire

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Citadel Forged with Fire

A nice surprise that literally came out of nowhere…

If you know me, I love sandbox games, unfortunately there is a huge lack of games that fall into this category, that’s why when I heard about Citadel Forged with Fire (FwF) , it immediately caught my eye,  on another note, lets also establish that at least from my perspective this game came out literally from NOWHERE…..

I found out thanks to Death’s Proxy youtube channel, (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAngJoQ-aWOE6k44tq96DMA) but, it was only because of that that I was able to find this amazing jewel, hidden in the rocks.

Also this game looks incredible familiar with Dark and a Light, a game that has caused some buzz before, but its release date has been dragged for way too long.

Anyway, I got the opportunity to play on the last beta,  (you can sign up here: http://www.citadelgame.com/).

If you have played ARK or any other survival game, the game follows those same core mechanics. You gather stuff in the ground first, then you craft basic equipment, and you continue an upgrade path…. This game does it with a wonderful combination of magic skills and survival…. its like the love product of skyrim+harry potter.  If you ever wanted to fly in brooms, build amazing castles, or be a dark wizard like voldemort, this game is definitely something you need to take a closer look on.

Also from my experience, even though the game is young… at least according to my personal gameplay, I didn’t encounter the insane and game breaking amount of bugs that you find in ARK (even nowadays, after two years of being on EA).

Here is part of my experience with the game:


First person view:

The graphics look pretty decent, and you can feel the immersion of the game right

You can also play on third person view, the animation and flow still needs a little bit of work, but its a nice start for a beta of a EA game.  So assuming they are not dropping the ball, this is a pretty decent start.

Here is the structure that was made by one of my friends. You can see how amazing the structures work in this early stage of the game. You can build basically whatever its in your mind (assuming you don’t defy the laws of physics).


Check the trailer or join us in the next beta!



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