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Hello! My IGN is Arlekiel !!


My IGN is Arlekiel, and I have been playing games since I was 5 on the old good NES and the original gameboy ūüėõ

However, MMORPG’s have been my passion since I played Ragnarok Online, for the first time…. right now I have around 15 years of experience playing all sort of online based games!
Here is a small summary of my adventures around multiple worlds!

Ragnarok Online- The Beginning

I started my adventures at Ragnarok Online when it first launched back on 2002, on IRO (official server), I went there to get a wizard and a merchant (there were no 2-2 jobs, and 2-1 was the highest one). I still remember the good old days of grinding!

After that, I changed servers, where I met my first two online friends, who were really hardcore at gaming and taught me alot about RO… a bit shoutout to Zeck¬†and Quan Chan Kain! . I met amazing people also like Sonya and Konzuelito!. I still remember the good old days of grinding, or farming for cards.

My main job was Alchemist (Creator, Genetic), and as a secondary job I specialized in being a Priest (HighPriest, ArchBishop). I also did got some experience as a Blacksmith (Whitesmith, Mechanic), and as a Wizard (HighWizard, Warlock).

Mabinogi - The Beta Tester

This game! was one of my biggest experiences in gaming so far! If you ever played mabinogi, its one of those things that you either LOVE with¬†outstanding passion or you just hate. ¬†I fell in love with the sandbox features of the game, and I spent a good chunk of my gaming experience there….

I started in a small guild and later on, I moved on to Dango, which was one of the biggest guilds in the server. After some time, I got promoted to sub guild leader. It was an awesome experience to prove myself, in a leadership position, and as a guild we manage to gain control and hold one three available castles of the server (Abb Neagh). During that time, the alchemy update was added to NA, and I decided to focus on it.

I was the best alchemist of my server, being the first one to achieve several milestones, one of them was being the top synthesizer. I also was pretty skilled in magic, and was among the best wizards of Ruairi, and I actually was second player to achieve Ice Spear rank 1. I also got the first dragon shield of the server (danm you dragon eye!). I was known for wearing a full black Dustin Armor set (7/5 best stats), as my main combat set.  During that time a guildmate (Raikouhou) made a fanart of my character.

I can name several accomplishments during my time in mabinogi, like being one of the few Beta Testers, my leadership position at one of the top guilds and the victories we had in battle, my alchemy levels, my magic skills, or even my accomplishments by getting milestones done.  Even though, my time in Mabinogi was great, the best thing was all those friends I met, and the adventures we lived together. Most of all I met my brother Teacher (Katsu) , and even to this day, we are still gaming buddies.
So to all the people that I had the pleasure to play with, from the bottom of my heart thank you for all those memories!

League of Legends - Who Needs a Map!

League of legends its one of those games that was a big part of my gaming life, and I always find myself going back at it over and over again. I have been around since the release of Cassiopeia. My main is Ezreal and more recently Jhin.

Archeage - Mermaid Tears

I started to play Archeage on the alpha and then beta. My starting server was Naima, in which as a personal goal I wanted to own the whole Mermaid Tears island (located in Sandeep). After some time and dedication, and the help of my family I was the proud owner of almost all the island.  During those days I was a proud IRONFIST member, and had many adventures with my archeage family that I met on the guild. Shoutout to Acena for adopting me, WitherMcSpoon for being the coolest guy, Jenerous my awesome twin, EagleEye for being bae, Waffles for achieving the first ever mythic on the server, and Azrails!.

After awhile my server got merged with Enla, and we became Kraken, during the merge I lost most of my land, whoever with time I was still able to sustain a great portion of the island. During that time IRONFIST  became Incendiary and I was promoted to officer of the guild. Our guild was able to attain control of a castle, and several world bosses, dominating the server with an alliance made by us, Latinus and Dai Gurren Dan. It was a great time, and the politics inside the game was something that I was passionate about.

Black Desert - The PVP

Black Desert is one of those games in which PVP, and politics merge into a great game. From node wars, regional wars, or even the local PVP, the game has an amazing combat system. I started my adventures on Legacy (Veritas, Legatum, Domestici). Big shoutout to Freelancer and Bobz, for an amazing guild, I had a great time there, and as time passed by and after Legacy pulled out their support from BlackDesert, continued my adventures solo and then I decided it was time to join another guild.
I joined Aethereal, and I had an incredible time and fun with all the guild. I met amazing people like Dulfy (, Banshee and KARAAD. We spent many battles together and accomplished great things together, a big shoutout to Sarynn for being an awesome leader and Frothgar for being an terrific sub-leader.
To all the people that crossed paths with me on BDO, ty for the adventures, I had a great time!

OVERWATCH - Is This Easy Mode?

To be honest, I am not a fan of first person shooters, whoever Overwatch captivated me even from the beta. Its an amazing game and lately I had my fair share of fun playing with my friends.  I usually main DVA for ranked, or Mercy if we need a healer. At quickplay I do a little bit of everything, however I find that I usually have lots of fun with Junkrat, Bastion, Soldier 76, and Symmetra.

Multiple Adventures and other Online Games

During my last 15 of online gaming I had many adventures around multiple MMO’s, however I had only mentioned those that I had invested the most amount of time, but I had played a a lot of other games.. like: Eden Eternal, Guild Wars 2, Blade and Soul, Final Fantasy XIV, Elder Scrolls Online, ARK, Conan Exiles, among others.


My next big adventure and the one I am looking forward is Chronicles of Elyria, I’ll be joining Legacy again at this new era, and play on Vornair’s kingdom. ¬†My friends and I, we are preparing ourselves on hardcore mode for this game, and we cant wait for it being released.

If you wanna know more about the game please visit

Right now for the game I hold the following positions inside the community:
WikiGuardian of the CoE Gamepedia in spanish
Webmaster of Archives of Elyria
Webmaster of the Wiki of Elyria
Developer of the Discord Bot, Elyrian Butler
Webmaster for Elyria Latino
Webmaster of Fashion of Elyria


Currently inside the game I hold the position of Count, if you would like to get more information about our county, please visit:

If you would like to join us, please feel free to contact me, via the contact information on the website, or via the county website. ¬†I’m sure our community would love to have you join us on this new adventure.